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86+ Find: Emiliano Trujillo (Colombia) Huila Microlot Roast. NEW!

86+ Find: Emiliano Trujillo (Colombia) Huila Microlot Roast. NEW!
Origin Colombia
Region Sub-municipality: San Francisco. Muncipality: La Plata, State: Huila
Farm / Coop La Loma, Pillimui Group
Farm Size 6,000 trees/ 2 hectares
Altitude 6,000 feet
Varietals Caturra
Processing Fully washed, fermented for 48 hours, dried under plastic for 30 days.
Certifications n/a
Cup Notes Score: 86. AROMA/FLAVOR: Butterscotch, cinnamon, milk chocolate, juicy, marzipan, fruity.  ACIDITY: clementine citric. OTHER: Clean and full flavor. Wheaty and jammy. Improves as it cools off. Great for ice coffee or cold brew!

Emiliano Trujillo is a smallholder farmer who recently began exporting his best bags of coffee as micro-lots in partnership with Pergamino Coffee Exporters, the exporting branch of our friends and suppliers at Santa Barbara coffee estate in Antioquia. Nelson cupped (tasted) a sample early this Fall and liked it enough to buy the whole micro-lot (10 bags)

His  farm is called La Loma (The Hill) located in southern-Colombian State of Huila. Huila is spanned by the Andes mountains and home to towering Nevado del Huila volcano. The Magdalena River runs through Huila's center.Huila State is the largest producer of coffee in Colombia. Most coffees however get blended for their bean size (Excelso and Supremo), However, Huila is also the home of some world-famus microlots because of its climate and altitude. It regularly produces Cup of Excellence-winning lots. Iin 2013, it received Denomination of Origin status – the same status awarded to Champagne, Feta cheese, and many other foods and beverages with unique, location-specific characteristics.

We like to roast it moderately dark and drink it using a pourover dripper.

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