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86+ Find: Jaime Condori (Bolivia) Microlot. NEW FARMER!

86+ Find: Jaime Condori (Bolivia) Microlot. NEW FARMER!
Origin Bolivia
Region Caranavi -Kantutani
Farm / Coop
Altitude 4,960 - 5,120 fett above sea level
Varietals Red Catuai (50%), Yellow Catuai (50%)
Processing Fully washed
Certifications Grown using organic practices, but not certified
Cup Notes SCORE: 86.7 points. FLAVOR/AROMA: Maracuya. Tangerine. Toasted bread. Fruity.  Very sweet and transparent. Stone fruits. ACIDITY: Outstanding citric acidity, with hints of phosforic, the one that makes Coke famous. OTHER: Lasting, creamy finish. Another soon-to-be be Bolivian classic.

Jaime is an established farmer that has been growing coffee in Kantutani for 10 years. he also has the standard 10 hectare parcel in the coffee growing region of Caranavi, the Bolivian "coffee Capital", where  90% of the country's coffee is grown.  Most farms are 10 hectares because that was the size given by the government to new farmers that wanted to migrate form the poor, overpopulated Altiplano to the Bolivian Yungas (where the Andes drops into the Amazon basin). Jaime migrated to to colonize the Yungas in 2000.

Jaime grows Catuai (both red and yellow) and Icatu varieties, which tend to do well in the Kantutani region and are resistant to Leaf Rust disease, which wiped out most of the Caturra, & Typica plants. We have also signed with Jaime long-term purchase agreements with  fixed prices and quality-premium.

We are very happy of our ongoing relationship with Jaime and hope to nourish our partnership for the years to come. This is the first time we are offering their coffee directly under is own name.  Previous years we we blended it into our Invalsa AAA

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