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What is your best coffee?

December 15, 2021 Nelson Valverde

What is your Best coffee bean? I like strong smooth coffee and I usually buy dark roast.Thank you. All our coffees are good. We don’t have a “best” one. It is like asking which one of your children is the “best”?  Don’t feel bad, I get asked this question very often. My answer is “the best coffee is the one you like”. Having said that, let me help you decide.   What makes coffee strong is the amount of coffee grounds you mix with water, not the coffee bean of the level of roast. You can have a strong, lightly...

The Coffee Review gave 92 points for this Burundian roast!

June 21, 2021 Nelson Valverde

We are proud to report that on The Coffee Review, this coffee earned the third-highest rating in a cupping of African Great Lakes coffees for Coffee Review’s June 2021 report.  Moreover it earned the distinct motion for a successful dark toast: "Most coffees we test over the course of a year are light-medium to medium in roast, reflecting each individual roaster’s personally calibrated goal of fully developing the character of the bean while leaving behind neither a distracting scorchy edge nor the grassy, nutty hints of an underdeveloped roast. This month, however, we review one successful darker roast, the Valverde...